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About The Project

El Paso Colors is a digital humanities project in which we developed an identifiable color palette to represent the City of El Paso. 

This Color Project interprets the human experience through color, a non-verbal form of expression, and the most fascinating of art's formal elements. Color is the single most important design element. No other formal design component has its unique power. Color stimulates the eye and brain and creates an immediate unconscious response from the viewer. The color palette is itself a work of art; it is also meant to be a resource to inspire/facilitate secondary acts of creation, such as a performance or the production of new artworks by serving as a resource for artists and designers who wish to research and use color-specific relations to place in their artworks.

I hope the experience of perusing the colors and their unique stories will challenge expectations and help people reconsider how we relate to color as a universal expression that shapes our environment while also expressing the people's character and culture. I want viewers to make connections with the place, whether they have visited or not.

Our Team.

Zoe Spiliotis
Faculty Fellow- Professor of Art
El Paso Community College

Zoe Spiliotis is a New Mexican based artist whose work is based on mathematical principles exploring the principles of repetition, symmetry, movement and visual perception through the use of patterns derived from her surrounding biological and built structures.  Her work explores perception, the complexities and duality of life, and the quest for transcendence; creating a space where wonder meets the ordinary and where heavens meet earth. 

Spiliotis earned an AS in Graphic Design from Valencia Community College, a BFA from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia and an MFA from New Mexico State University. She exhibits nationally and internationally, and is represented in many collections across the country. She has also created number of public artworks in New Mexico, Texas, Pennsylvania and internationally in Venezuela. As an artist and educator she is a dedicated advocate for the arts, creating and promoting opportunities for her students, artists and the public. She serves on many local and national committees and is a member of the Border Artists, a non-profit collective which promotes arts in the binational region.

Jireh Nelson
Student Research Fellow
El Paso Community College

Jireh Nelson is currently a dual-credit student at El Paso Community College and is pursuing an Associates in Multidisciplinary Studies, after which he plans to transfer to The University of Texas at El Paso in the fall of 2022. Jireh is actively involved in his local church where he is a part of the worship band, and he loves to hike around the El Paso area with his family. In his work with the Humanities Collaborative at UTEP-EPCC, he focused on several different aspects of the research by photographing much of the natural surroundings of El Paso and studying various topics such as cochineal, turquoise, the X monument, and the geology, wildlife, and early history of El Paso.n

MicrosoftTeams-image (7)_edited.jpg
Ashley Garcia
Student Research Fellow
El Paso Community College

Ashley Y. Garcia is currently an undergraduate student fellow with The Humanities Collaborative at EPCC-UTEP. She is currently working on her Associates of Arts in Music at El Paso Community College. Ashley aims to complete her Associate's and transfer to a 4-year institution to obtain a Bachelor's in Music Education while focusing on her voice instrument. Ashley's goal is to make a small difference in her community by opening a music studio. She wishes to bring music education to her community from younger children to senior citizens that will be affordable. Ashley has always dedicated herself to the studies of Arts in which includes all her hobbies such as reading, writing, music, and learning different languages. It has been a year exact that Ashley has began working with this collaborative. She has learned a lot from her team and has had great experiences surrounding her hometown such as colors, plants, symbols, art, and little details that El Paso has. Ashley wishes to have many more great experiences and skills working at The Humanities Collaborative at EPCC-UTEP.

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